Property Management Services

Are you considering developing a rental property?

Purchasing a home or multi-plex in a suitable location, renovating, finding prospective tenants, and managing the property can be a daunting task. We are here to help make the process a successful investment for you. We work with local real estate agents to find a suitable location and property which will bring the most return on investment. We can suggest which improvements should be done to make the most profit from your property and find the most cost efficient ways to ensure a financially wise decision. We furthur advertise, interview, and research prospective tenants for your property which can include financial statements, background checks, employment records, and credit histories to ensure you get the best tenants possible. Should any issues arrive from a tenancy we have experience in the Landlord tenant Act and the Landlord Tenant Tribunal to ensure a seemless process. Call us today to see how we can make your investments work for you.